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The farm was first purchased by Bill’s late father, Bill Powers, Sr. and his mother Karol. After his father’s passing, Bill eventually bought the farm from his mother. Bill continued his work on the farm – raising a herd of York sows. Bill met Joan and were married in of June 1989. Throughout this time, Bill was still farming land and maintaining livestock. Bill and Joan had their first child, Katie, in August of 1990, and their second child, Will, in July of 1993.

The Powers family entered the turkey business in the early 90’s. Powers Farm was the “hot spot” in New Castle County to purchase your fresh turkey for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Powers Farm got out of the turkey business in early 2000’s.

As Katie and Will got older, they began to convert the commercial livestock on the farm, into showstock. Katie and Will began showing in 1998, they were very active members of the 4-H and FFA, and enjoyed exhibiting animals at local, state, regional and national livestock shows. As the kids worked together in all aspects of the farm, there came a time when Katie began to favor the sheep and maintained a flock of frame-type Dorsets, Suffolks and wether-type Hampshires. Whereas, Will favored the hogs and maintained a herd of Poland Chinas, coupled with a few other breeds, ranging from Yorkshires to Chester Whites. The kids also had the random assortment of club lamb and steer projects, a small goat herd, and Will once had a devilish Shorthorn heifer that didn’t stay for long. Both children have been very successful in the showring and are overly grateful for the friendships they have developed and the opportunities they were presented with in the agriculture industry.

Currently, Powers Farms’ sheep flocks consist of purebred wether-type Dorsets and Hampshires, in addition to Hampshire-Suffolk crossbreds. The breeds being raised in the hog herd are Yorkshires, Poland China’s, and Hampshire. These hogs are utilized to produce purebred pigs and crossbreds – depending on the time of year for the market. The steers that are raised come from Woodside Creamery. These Jersey steers are brought to Powers Farm at a young age are fed a bottle, they are then fed-out and harvested. The Jersey breed produces they highest amount of marbling** in the meat of all beef breeds – this creates a highly tender, juicy and flavorful cut of meat.


** Marbling: the internal dispursement of fat streakings throughout a cut of meat; the amount of marbling is a major factor in determining the Quality Grade of meat (Prime, Choice, Select, etc.).

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